Questions / Answers about Psy Blog Blogger Activity

Questions / Answers about Psy Blog Blogger Activity

I was recently interviewed by a professional future of cinema on my blogger activity. I do not think he likes me if I publish here the questions and answers that I made him ...

What is your age, your gender, your job and where you live?

I am a 55 year old man, a psychologist in private and I live in Brittany

Why did you open a blog? A special event? A change in your life? Out of curiosity? 
I opened a blog in 2007 by saying things like, what I thought, like a topic that I could fit in a daily or weekly newspaper. The arrival of the internet in my office, where I have a lot of free time allowed me to do so. Since I was twelve, I've always written but somewhat in a vacuum; there with a blog, I had the opportunity to write AND reading.

How do you respond to comments? The reading you all? Look at you frequently if comments were posted? 
I go at least once a day "to" my blog. Of course I read the comments. They are important. That said, as I said at the beginning at all, so now I take less time for this ...

Have you ever delete comments? Or leave you full freedom of expression to your readers? Set your limits not to be exceeded? Which ones? 
Yes, I happened to delete comments, but very infrequently (about ten times, perhaps about ten thousand comments). The limits that I set are those of the disrespect, the open conflict (although I support that one does not agree with me), insults, crazy about, climbing in insults , contempt etc ...

Your identity is revealed it to your blog or you prefer to remain anonymous, and why? If you choose to indent your identity, what avatar / username you use and why did you choose it?
For a long time I remained anonymous. I speak indeed of my patients in my blog, and their history, although "mixing" sometimes some elements to meet their own rights to anonymity. This anonymity, mine, makes my freedom.
For two years I no longer protects my anonymity in the same way as my two books on my own link on my blog.
That said, my nickname is always Psyblog from the beginning chosen as obvious: a psychiatrist who runs a blog could / should / could only appoint Psyblog.
As for the photo / avatar that characterizes my blog and my nickname, he / she is the same since the beginning: A route of the railway, as a path that leads there, far, wherever you want .. .

Keep your blog takes you there time? (Reply to comments, pay attention to the layout, look for illustrations, etc ...) For three years I wrote a note on an average day. Yes, it took me a long time (an hour a day maybe?) I am preparing my notes, corrects, always have three or four in the pipeline. Currently and since last fall, I am much less this: The end of my blog on the platform (due to disastrous restructuring of their platform) broke the momentum that motivated me since four years (over 300 000 visits) ... and I was a little off myself. Currently I published a note about a week. And then time passes: What was very important at the beginning (number of visitors, comments) is becoming less over time. My "philosophy" is present: I publish. If I read the better, if we do not read me, too bad. But I'll be dishonest to say I do not care: Comments and visitor numbers are important indicators.

Do you make a distinction between real time and virtual time or is this very related to you (for example, you have core hours to keep you constantly your blog or post something about it, to anyone anytime and anywhere)? Question somewhat opaque. In fact I post when I have something to say and want to do it.

What motivates you to write a new article? an event or you impose you write timing that you respect? Do you need a long gestation before writing or mail you almost instinctively, when a subject touches you?

I write according to my desires, news (mine or the world), attempting to publish at least once a week ... A blog without new articles goes out relatively quickly.
So sometimes I write on instinct (especially personal notes more ...), but often I prepare my articles over several days. Some are even in my portfolio for much longer ...

Writing and publishing an article they are accompanying or you leave yourself time for reflection / proofreading before publication? Why?
I think already responded earlier. But I return regularly on my notes. I happen to revise an article in the day, several times, also based on comments if I see that I not make myself clear.

You impose your rules, limits in your writing (number of words, no real names, do not reveal the secrets, do not go too far in privacy, etc.)? For what reasons?
The main rule that I needed and this from the beginning of my blog is to protect the identity and history of the patients that I can be asked to "talk". Mixture of several stories, no names, changed names, etc ...
The second rule is that the length of the article: I write usually fairly short articles, at least short enough to keep open the reader's attention.
A third one is ... not to "offend". The feedback I have about my blog is among other things it is widely read by teenagers (especially teenagers) and frail psychologically ... So be careful, I censor myself Similarly, there are things not to say.
And rule number one, if it were needed, is never to condemn. I wonder, yes, condemning ever. But this is not unique to this blog: I do not judge, I never condemns.

Are there was an aesthetic, literary when you write? Or you simply present your thoughts, without worrying about the style, a form of work?
This is relatively variable. Writing an article is often a challenge: I try to lie to my first class French teacher who said Mr. Psyblog, you'll never know write. I actually try to be as clear as possible, organize my thoughts and my writing to make it as comprehensible as possible by my readers.
The aesthetics of the text happens after. Except literature periods presented as such.

Why did you choose to share your thoughts, concerns on a blog and not another medium? 
For ease and extraordinary flexibility allows blog. That said, I have since published two books (and a third almost done) that extend this medium. These two, even three books have been published previously on my blog in the form of articles.

Is the blog in your diary today?
In my case, no, but actually many blogs are like diaries. With the particularity of being read ... Can we talk of shared diary? Probably.

The shape of the blog (with its opportunities to post photos, YouTube videos, links to other items, etc.) it allows you to express yourself more fully, more freely, variously? You use these opportunities? For what reasons?
Finally, I used quite a few external links, but necessary, yes, I illustrate my words with pictures or video, or I refer the reader to other documents, and even other blogs.

In your opinion, what should be a diary? What must be there and what should not be there?
A diary, for me, is the filing by the author, his thoughts, thoughts, desires, fears ... intimate. To say what should be there, I know, everyone does what he wants or can I take care not to judge what should be in a diary. However, I retain as intimate conviction ... that written is always written in the thought that one day he had gone, it will be read by at least one person.

Have you ever had a similar activity before (keep a diary for example)?
I kept a diary of my 12 years to my 22/23 years, then my 26 years to 34 years ... I think, and I have written here in an article, if I was not able to / could hold this journal, I would not be alive today.

Can we speak of a life, autonomy, a proper time to the blog (which feeds himself through visits, readers may complain of the content to the platform that hosts, who its bugs that can be closed, which can be closed by a hacker, etc ...)? 
A blog definitely has a life "clean" like a book which is written and, lach in nature, published, has one .... You write something that is not read or who meet other persons or not .... That said, a blog has this immediacy which probably makes it fragile, much more than a book that can drag on for years a library shelf.

Do you keep track of your blog on a support (printed on a USB key, etc.) for fear of losing everything with a computer bug? 
Yes, what I write is always duplicated in two different and independent locations (external hard drive, for example). For the record, when the platform a "buggy" in the fall, I would have been extremely disappointed to say the least and, having nothing kept my notes and comments. I had taken care to record all my blog on internal and external drive to the computer. Much good has taken me!

New technologies (iPhone, iPad, wifi, netbook, etc) allow faster access to internet, blogging platforms, etc ... That he changed something for you and your blog? 
Not braying, if I can "strum" in my garden instead of being connected by a wire to the box. And I have no iPhone or iPad ... my little laptop is enough.

Around you (personal or professional) he knows your blogger activity? If so, how does it reacts and there he is involved? It sometimes feels helpless? If not, why hide it? 
My family friendly environment blogger knows my business. There are very little involved, find that a little surprising, thinking of a teenager's activity does not comment virtually no ... Actually, my entourage knows and respects. My professional colleagues, for the vast majority ignores (for all I know) my blogger activity but I do not hide, I can not talk, that's all. however are never aware that I do problem. An educator of my knowledge has even begun psycho studies following reading my blog "because I had given him want to be psy" said she to me. 

Do you intend to do read your blog, your articles around you (future children, grandchildren, etc ...) in the future?
My children, brother, sister, wife, already read on the occasion ... It is not a secret. They know that there -my blog.

Does your blog have you ever harmed? 
No. For the moment it brought me happiness.

You personally blogger brings your business? 
The satisfaction of also exist through it. The reading. That participate in the march of the world oh At very small scale but still ... It's like a continuation of my work: Helping people live better. So great is the satisfaction of telling me that maybe, sometimes, occasionally, I brought people to ask good questions and maybe find some answers ... very modest!

What (s) relationship (s) do you have with your readers? You feel dependent on them? 
I am much less "dependent" of them at the beginning.

Do you read other blogs? Meet or you are dating other bloggers? Have you ever met or seen by chance, one of your readers? (Tell it where possible) 
Of course I read other blogs. I do not think that one can exist alone without sharing with others. As to meet other bloggers, yes, on the occasion of friendships forged over time. For the record, late March every year I go a week meeting people I met through my blog and possibly at them.

Keeping a blog he pushes you to play a role? Take into account the expectations of your audience and / or to act differently (for example, in the life of every day, act in a certain way rather than another because you know it will be published in your blog) ?
No. The only role I play is that of my life. Especially as I keep the mastery of what I publish pas.J'écris or what I like to write and have never subjected me to any "demand" a reader.

Keeping a blog he gives you the impression that your life has become more "interesting" since we know it, the "transform" words? Does that enhances your life, is it possible to better appreciate? 
This is not so much a transformation of my existence that relationships that allowed me to build that are important. My life did not become "more" (?) Interesting (but it already was) by the meetings (epistolary or real -Meetings for real, physical, and chat ms * n * or face book) that the Blog allowed. That said, my blog gave me the courage, humility, boldness, to publish my three books, and that these books actually upset my existence.

In life, you express yourself as freely as easily as on your blog? 
Yes. I am a talkative and emotionally expansive. I have this chance then to experience emotions and power / knowledge expressed.

Write a joy is it for you? a need? a necessary pain? Other?
A need, a joy, a pleasure. It's not a pain. Writing has always been for me a vital need. I am never without a pencil or paperless. Write a part of me since ... forever.

Can we speak of a desire to leave a trace, a testimony of a time when you publish a blog? 
One, I do not know. I do, clearly ... My psychic meanders actually lead me to think of the track that I want to leave my time on this earth. But as I wrote in my first notes April 10, 2007, the important thing for me was and still convey a little of what I know to help people live better.

Proofread your articles you retrospectively? Have you ever helped, guided, informed on the present? 
I reread them on occasion, but I'm not dependent neither prisoner. Instead of a diary, which can help to think precisely this and measure traveled road, a blog, finally, mine is not made for that.

Write it allows you to cope better time? live better with? Is it a need or a want? A hobby?
Writing is a trace that is allowed. One of my memories of Science Education, 25 years ago, was the following: Write it make it grow? I concluded that ... Yes.
I do not torture myself on the reasons for this need and pleasure of writing. I write and I share, that's all.

Do you have multiple blogs? Several pseudonyms? If so, why? 
I've actually had several, but periods only. When I felt at some point of my story ... the need for shared diary ... But I do not open or rather I opened this newspaper that moment, and now, since I'm fine in my life, I do feel more need.

What do you think social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc ...)? The you use?
I use Facebook on my behalf for links with family, but very little.
What I think ??? Nothing. I'm only scared but same with some blogs, ease / capacity / recklessness with which some people especially teenagers and young adults "undress" and throw their privacy on the canvas ... the hazard risk are those Internet: bad meetings, rumors, etc ....

Do you have any anecdotes about your blogger activity? 
There spontaneously, no. Otherwise my blog (especially the "before" on brought me invitations (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines ...) that surprised me again. Visit his blog on