Love Until The End Of Life

Love Until The End
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For everyone who has long established relationships, continue the relationship to marriage would be a dream. And apparently dream to get married is also owned by a woman named Natalie Bradley (30) from Redditch, Worcestershire. Having a relationship with a partner named Andy (48) for 11 years, eventually they can get married.

Quoted from page, Natalie and Andy only takes 20 days to prepare for all their wedding needs. Dream married to Natalie itself has long been buried. Since recognize and relate to Andy, he has always dreamed of getting married but always failed.

Until the beginning of March, Natalie health condition declined drastically. Lung disease that affects women is stated to deteriorate. The doctor who examined even say that the rest of the life of Natalie stayed 6 weeks.

Do not want to live over in grief, Natalie decided to marry Andy. All the wedding preparations done in a very short time. In the midst of deteriorating health condition, finally Natalie dream wedding can become a reality.

Natalie and Andy were married in front of the couple's children namely Bradley (8) and Callum (11). They also got married in the presence of relatives and friends. For Andy, Natalie is the greatest woman in his life. Though suffering from lung disease severe enough, he always gives full happiness for Andy.

On her wedding day Natalie says "Today is the best day of our lives. When I do not much anymore. I want to marry someone I love Andy so much. For me, he is the most precious person in my life."

While Andy revealed that he did not want to make Natalie sad. Andy also revealed that he did not want to lose his wife. Very sick to know that someone who is very much loved only have a little time to be with her in the world.

And this time, even though the marriage preparation is done completely sudden, this pair could realize his dream to hold a wedding. Although the time owned Natalie a few weeks away, this pair may always live happily. Congratulations to Natalie who has achieved her dream :)