Brian Chesky: "It's so that everyone in every corner of the world can offer their home with us"

Brian Chesky: "It's so that everyone in every corner of the world can offer their home with us"
Brian Chesky was born on August 29, 1981 in Niskayuna (New York State, USA). He had a good education and studied at the "Rhode Iceland School of Design" as an industrial designer. Upon successful completion, he went looking for a job in San Francisco (California) in order to start a successful career can.

However, cost the rent for a small apartment to $ 1,000, and Brian Chesky these high costs could not afford despite a shared apartment. And so he came up with the idea to sublet the property for a few days to order to pay the rent. Some customers were quickly found, because good and cheap homes were searched constantly. In order to get enough sleep opportunities, airbeds were simply shipped to the living room, and you're able, in addition, a homemade breakfast was offered.

The reaction of guests for this accommodation was very enjoyable and Brian Chesky could now pay his rent effortlessly with these revenues. And suddenly he had the idea for a new business idea, because why could not other people ask strangers their private quarters against money available? While his family about this idea just shook his head, Brian Chesky was adamant about his new business model. Together with two partners, he founded in 2008, therefore, the company "Airbnb" ("Airbed and breakfast"). There was an internet website designed, from where people could rent their private accommodation and customers were able to book private accommodation at the same time.

With extraordinary labor, the founder set about to develop their business idea. Despite scarcity of money was trying to contact sponsors and donors in contact to be able to finance the company. The young company founders were able to present their visions of the company very well, and soon could actually be found investors who supported their business. Before long, remarkable successes have been achieved, the company "Airbnb" kept growing and recorded a tremendous growth.

Brian Chesky: "It's so that everyone in every corner of the world can offer their home with us"

What originally began with air mattresses in a small living room, turned into a wonderful success story. The business idea with the private room rental was very well received all over the world and now there are offers for rooms in about 200 countries and 20,000 different places.

The idea of ​​the company "Airbnb" was actually out of necessity. Although Brian Chesky worked in a completely different industry, he always believed in the potential of its business idea. Together with its partners and a legendary pioneering spirit, they developed the company within a few years become an international flagship company, which now has a market value of over one billion US dollars.

Brian Chesky: "What's Ebay for the placement of objects, Airbnb for the placement of unique premises is"

Every day many new business ideas, but it also takes courage and heart to put the ideas into action. While many people already give up after the first resistors, has been able to develop his project with resistance and endurance, no matter what difficulties also occurred Brian Chesky. The business magazine "Business Week" named him for this reason one of the best young entrepreneurs of the Internet industry.

Brian Chesky: "Our goal is to give people some point a perfect service from the moment when they leave the plane. It's better if you really love 100 people, as that you like a million anyway. Only then will they recommend us and try new products "