Amanda Hocking: "I thought to myself: I have nothing to lose"

Amanda Hocking
Amanda Hocking was born on 12 July 1984 and grew up in the small town of Austin (Minnesota, USA). She loved to play with their animals or to make music. But her greatest passion was reading, she devoured this reason many books in their free time. And so matured over time the thought, even himself to be a famous writer and to write stories.

At the age of 17, she presented her first novel finished. Your Fantasy stories from the world of vampires went their slight of hand, here they could bring their creativity and ingenuity to bear. Soon followed by other novels and Amanda Hocking was very proud of her stories. And so she began to send their stories to different publishers to publish them. However, the response was different than expected because no publisher wanted to have something to do with it, let alone publish a book about her.

Amanda Hocking: "In high school, I wrote my first novel, and has since written continuously to agents, in the hope that they would publish my books"

Amanda Hocking but did not let it get to and wrote other books, which she sent regularly to many different publishers, but still to no avail. Constantly she received rejections, and her dream to become a famous author, moved into the distant future. After finishing school, she took a job as a nurse for the elderly in order to earn their livelihood can. But her real passion she went on after and wrote in their spare time diligently their fantasy stories. After more than eight years already piled the novels in her drawer, because still found himself no books publisher who wanted to print their stories. Amanda Hocking gave up hope, though she heard constantly that their stories were not good enough. And so she made a momentous decision.

Amanda Hocking: "When a book rejected, for which I was very proud, I thought to myself: I have nothing to lose"

In spring 2010, they simply offered their stories to themselves as e-book (electronic book). The advantage lay in the fact that they did not need a publisher to publish her novels and it was thus also independent of other opinions. Their stories were simply presented in electronic form, and the customer these stories could be downloaded for a small fee on the Internet. Amanda Hocking hoped so, but yet to make the leap to a successful novelist.

This hope of Amanda Hocking should soon confirm, because people love their stories. For the first time in her life she received approval and recognition rather than refusals and rejections. Soon she was able to sell its first e-books and their fantasy stories developed in a short time become a real best seller on the internet. After only a few months, she was able to show incredible 100,000 sales per month. Their recipe for success next to her talent as a writer was easy, it demanded only very small contributions for their books and because they had already completed a large number of novels in the past few years, they could even publish several of their books.

Amanda Hocking announced shortly after its publication, the work as a geriatric nurse, as they with their stories already made more money than in her old job. Unlike traditional publishers, they maintained these sales the stories the majority of sales.

Meanwhile, Amanda Hocking went up to absolute superstar in the world of e-book fans and has already sold over a million e-books. Your books are already sold around the world, no longer only in digital form, but also in printed book form, because at one time they wanted to take all book publishers under contract.

Amanda Hocking could be never be beaten by the numerous rejections for their stories. You always believed in their talent and skills as a writer. With this persistence and determination they made the breakthrough, and with the e-books they could start a sensational triumph.

Amanda Hocking managed with their e-books from the Altenpflegerin a millionaire and can now live their lives as they had always imagined.