Why Am I Different?

Why Am I Different?

Rumput & Kerikil
Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Am I Different?
Image by; boardofwisdom.com
Today in this inspiring article will talking the language of the 'different'. . Interestingly, this article was actually written by my friend who his name did not want to be mentioned. Someone who is left-handed (do a lot with left body parts), the person is considered "different" is flawed, he often used as a joke. Even some force him to do something with the right hand, the left hand was never tied just so he got used to the right hand. But how strong he is trying to be the same result remains "different". 

Initially people were desperate because he is "different". Until the man finally realized one thing, it is the excess that he had because he was "different". He may be left-handed but with a left hand that he can draw, paint and even scratch calligraphy is special because he was left-handed. Nothing special from drawing and painting,.? but with his left hand ?? Hmmm.. I think not everyone can do that. And it becomes a plus for the person. Even people that can eat rice and write simultaneously, his right hand and his left hand to eat. lol

Sometimes we often ask myself, "why am I different from others ??" and sometimes the word "different" it makes us feel lost confidence because they think the difference is the lack of self. In contrast it is not always bad as long as we can use the word "different" is the excess of self. Try to think positive and look from another perspective in order to explore the potential in yourself.

If you are to this day you still keep the question within yourself and assume it is a deficiency, then try to continue that question with the phrase "what's wrong with being different, if the difference that makes me known as myself ??".

I add a little bit, there are a lot of different people from different countries. Not only left-handed, but a lot of some of those who do not have hands, feet and even both. But more powerful than they are 'different' is that they have the remarkable achievements of those who are different. 

An achievement that I think is incredible, they get two points at once, the first because they have built and fortify their confidence with so solid and the second they have been able to excel in spite of 'different'. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being 'different' because I believe different things created by humans has advantages which must be sought and explored 'why'. That's it for this article, may be useful for all of you. And do not forget I thank my friend who sent this article and sorry for bad english. by; allinfo.ga