Sir.. Where Is The Happiness? Part III

Sir.. Where Is The Happiness? Part III
"Some people pursue for happiness, some just create it"

This inspiring story this time will discuss about happiness. Every human being wants happiness in their life, and all the ways they find to get the source of happy without them realizing that it was not necessary to find happiness but happy it exists in every corner of the side, when we are able to appreciate what God has given. Here is a story of a young man who is always busy looking for happiness.

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was sitting with a blank stare stretch of water that leads to the lake. The boy had wandered to and fro to go to all the places to seek happiness for itself. But he nevertheless did not find that happiness. But suddenly he heard a nasal voice that immediately broke the silence of nature.

"What are you doing here, young man?" asked an old man who lived not far from where the young man was.

The young man turned around and then said. "I'm tired, old man. I have walked far away only to find happiness for myself, but the happiness I never get. I do not know where else where should I explore to seek happiness .. "lamented the young man with a grim face ,.

"Up ahead there is a garden. Go there and get me a butterfly. Once you do that I will answer the questions you asked earlier son," said the old man.

The old man saw the boy sneaked into the garden from a distance. The young man seemed to chase a butterfly to be arrested, Hap! the butterfly escaped from the catch, and he chased other butterflies, and again failed. The boy ran irregularly here to there through the bush, flowers and grass in the park and also managed to catch a butterfly.

Then the old man approached the young man and said, "Is that how you pursue such thing as happiness? Ran to and fro, and destroy anything in front of you?"

The old man then said, "Young man,.. looking for happiness just like catching the butterflies. No need to physically catch the butterfly, the butterfly let fulfill this universe. All you have to do is capture the beauty of color and motion in your mind then you save it in your heart.

So also with happiness. Happiness can not be grasped like an object and then be stored in a place. Happiness does not go anywhere, but it is everywhere. With grateful you without you knowing it would appear happiness itself without the need for you to find. Do you understand? "

The boy gasped and her face looks happy. "Thank you old man. Your lesson is very valuable and I would come home with happiness in my heart ..."

The old man raised his hand and shortly thereafter, a butterfly perched on the tip of his finger and flapped his wings and radiate beauty on God. The color looks very beautiful, as beautiful as the feeling of happiness to those who are able to observe them well. So my friend, of this article we can draw the conclusion that happiness does not need to be sought, as the grateful he will come like a refreshing dew conscience. Hopefully this article useful to all of my friends.