Sir.. Where Is The Happiness? Part II

Sir.. Where Is The Happiness
One upon a time, there was a man known for his intelligence in helping people overcome their problems. Although he was already quite old, but he has incredibly wisdom. For this reason, many people want to meet him with the hope that their problems could be solved. Every day, there are people who come to see him. They are expecting an answer that presumably can be a solution to the problems that they are facing. And the average of them are satisfied with the answer given. Not surprisingly, his expertise in solve the problem makes him so famous.

One day, a young man overheard people around him who told him about the famous wise old man. The young man was so curious and tried to find out his whereabouts. He also wanted to meet him. There is something that is being jammed in his heart and he still does not get an answer. He hopes to get answers from the old man. Having managed to get the location of the old man's residence, he rushed to get there. The place of residence of the old man from the outside looks like a palace, it is very wide.

Upon entry into the house, he finally met with the wise old man. He asked, "Are you the famous man who often talked by the people that you are able to overcome the problem?" The old man replied humbly, "they are speaking too much. I just try with my best to help them. Can I help you, young man? If it is possible, I will help you with my pleasure."

"It's easy. I just want to know what the secret of a happy life? Until now, I still have not found the answer. If you are able to give a satisfactory answer, I will salute and give my two thumbs up to you and I ll tell the people about your greatness," said the young man.

The old man said, "I can not answer now." The young man disappointed, said, "Why? Do you also do not know the answer?"

"Not can not now. I got something to do sudden," replied the old man. After thinking a moment, he continued, "Look, you wait a minute." The old man went into another room to take something. A moment later, he came back with a spoon and a bottle of ink. Pouring ink onto a spoon, he said, "I have some business to be finished. Not take a long time, just half of an hour. While waiting, I want you to go and see the beauty of this house and yard outside while carrying this spoon."

"What for?" he asked curiously. "Do not ask why. Just do it. I'll be back in 30 minutes," said the old man as he held out the scoop on the young man and then go. Half an hour passed, and the wise old man went back and went to see him.

He asked the boy, "You've been around the whole house and yard outside?"

The young man nodded and said, "Yes I did."

The old man further asked, "Well, what did you see? Please tell me."

The young man was silent without answering. The old man asked again, "Why silent? This house and yard are so widespread, many of things can be seen. What have you seen?"

The young man began to speak, "I do not see anything. If any notice, it only briefly. I can not remember fully." "How did it happen?" asked the old man. The young man replied sheepishly, "Because when walking, I kept watching this spoon, I am afraid this ink fall and contaminate your house."

With a smile, the wise old man exclaimed, "Well, that's the answer you have been looking for. You have to sacrifice the beauty of the house that you should be able to just enjoy watching scoop this ink. Because of this ink continues to worry, you do not get to see house and yard are so beautiful. The house is there so much interest, carving, painting, decoration and garden beautiful. So is the home page decorated with flowers blooming colorful. You can not see it because you continue to see this spoon . "

He continued, "If you always see the ugliness behind a pile of beauty, your life will be filled with pain and misery. Conversely, if you are always able to see the beauty behind a pile of evil, then you will be more beautiful life. That is the secret of happiness. Now understand, young man? " The young man was really applaud the wisdom of the old man. He was really satisfied with the answer. Eventually he found the answer he was looking for all this time. Before leaving, he kept his promise to salute and two thumbs up to the old man.

REFLECTION: In this life, it is good we do not plunge ourselves into a slump. There is always a positive thing that we can take. Do not sacrifice the beauty of life only to see the bad side. Be the person who always saw a speck of light in the darkness.