Kids Won't Go To School?

Kids Won't Go To School?
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The reasons that a child does not enjoy school (including college) are numerous: Terrible atmosphere, continual failure, ridicule, school phobia and more generally social, painfully shy, Sewer diverse, disinterest, racketeering ...

The therapist is then sometimes put to work to find more or less hidden reasons, and try to ensure that the child returns there, at school as required by creating a bit. School phobia is really, although the word "phobia" is sometimes a little lightly used but good. The racket is that, if it is not said by the child racketed deprives parents and adults in general of any possibility of intervention (children take months to tell their parents, and in the meantime will to the school ball in the stomach and shoulder guilt). The bad class environments, repeated failures, loss of self-confidence and adults, noise (oh the noise in classrooms and in canteens, dripping forever the child to be in a group!) are all reasons that lead the child not wanting to go to school. And I do not mean teasing, not the clothes as those of others-because of the fear experience- theft, etc.

However, there is a "reason" to not like the school I had never met until then: This 13 year old consults, at his request, to -officiellement- "stomach ache and vomiting" when to go to college. Already on Sunday evening there anxiety about the next day. Already on Monday evening he vomits and anguish at the thought of Tuesday ... In fact there anxiety about herself to go to school, and often vomits school morning, even during class. This is terrible! As he said himself: C a can not go on like this!

The interview serves to remove any "problem" physical, medical, somehow. On the other hand, the family seems to "roll" No major conflicts, no identifiable traumatic events like a family like you and me, without particular stories (yes I know, we all have unique stories!). The interview also allows quickly that this teenager is normally made, intelligent, is not in school failure despite two years now stomach aches, vomiting and school disgusting to vomit. That's what he used to evacuate, maintenance.

It allows you to discover the interview? Nothing. Not much. Nothing special. Nothing that could explain a little bit the stomach pain and the vomiting.

It is only second interview with this teenager that tip may be the reason for the refusal / discomfort / disgust to go to college: The computer. Well, well !!! The computer, that's life of this boy, his right arm, his left, his pillar, his staff, his aide, its fun and unique pleasure. No, he died. This is what he said: No computer, I'm dead! Because he lives only through its network games! Because here there is [sic] because there is someone [re-sic] because of network games is known, respected and even admired [re-re-sic]. Wouahhh!

Re-Wouahhh! And if he does not want to go to college, to get sickening is that while there is, there are things happening on the net, on the network, in his games ... I miss events, he told me, when I'm not there .

Oh yeah ... if he misses his life by going to college, not being 24/24 on his computer, he misses things, I understand. So a fairly well-known mechanism of somatization, conversion of thought or psychic discomfort bodily discomfort, it has a stomach ache, vomiting, accuses tension drops, because of discomfort and everything.

So we talked about life, life as physical, "real" -even if the internet life is also the réelle- life, lifestyle, social life, activities other than the computer, relationships with others, with parents, interests parents, education ... In fact, luckily my parents put prohibited - only two hours / day of ordinary or I think I do not even eat ... Blessed parental control. This morning, Monday reentry morning he went to college. He vomited on the college sidewalk. But he stayed all day (in college, not his or vomit on the sidewalk). I knew that night I came to see you so I held out , he said to me.

It is not out of the woods, as they say. He is addicted to the computer and network games. He wants to make a career later, or [s] to engage in the army to kill in real life so I know it will be different than we have life, true . It is not out of the woods, he knows he is addicted. But tonight I think he understood a thing, it is that parents are right to control some hours he spends in front of the computer.

Makes me a little afraid that young anyway! Told me that he could control me ... my computer from home. So my computer in front of him, he took control of his computer in my office ... Leaving me that he could take control of any computer which he knows the owner's name. Have fallen into, I tell you. By Psy Blog