A Story From Anonymous

A Friendship Story

One day during my first years of high school,
I saw a guy in my class
who was returning home after school.
It was called "Kyle". It looked like he
carrying all of his books and school supplies!

I said "Why would anyone bring
all his books on a Friday night.
He must really be a "nerd" ... ".

For my part, I had everything planned weekend:
Trips and football game with my friends.
As I passed him,
a youth group began
making fun of Kyle. They pinched, made
dropped his books and even pushed into the mud.

When he fell, his glasses landed
few feet away in the grass.
Kyle looked up and I saw how it was
sad and confused. I really felt an impulse
pity for him ...

So I ran up to him and I picked up his glasses. When he looked up at me,
I saw tears in his eyes.
These guys really were fools "
I said to him. He looked at me and thanked me.
He had a huge smile in which you could see all
the gratitude of the world!

By helping him pick up his books, then I asked him
where he lived. I was surprised to see that
lived near my home.

He explained to me that he was previously
in a private school.
I never thought one day be a buddy with a
little "prep" ... We talked all along the way.
It proved to be a very good guy.
I then asked him if he wanted to come play football
with my friends and I the next day.
He was quick to accept.

So we spent the weekend together and,
as time wore on, I realized that Kyle
was really a good person.
Besides, my friends thought the same thing.

On Monday morning, I have yet seen Kyle
back to school with her stack of books.
I even joined once and told him:
"Wow! You'll end up having muscles of steel
to lug your books like this !!! "
He laughed, and handed me half of the books.

In the years that followed, we became
best buddies in the world.
Kyle was really a very intelligent student;
he wanted to study medicine while I,
I finally went to university
with a football scholarship!

I aga├žais all the time
saying he was a "nerd"!

For our graduation, Kyle had to prepare a speech.
I was glad it was not me!
Kyle had become a young man well into his skin,
that unpopular with girls ...

Moreover, there was a lot more conquests than me!

The day of the graduation, I could see that Kyle
was nervous. To reassure him, I gave him a
good pat on the back, saying:

"Do not worry, you'll be great!"
He still looked at me with one of his eyes,
one full of gratitude and thanked me.

When he arrived at the microphone,
He cleared his throat and began his speech,
"A graduation is the perfect time to
thank all those who helped us
during our high school years.

Our parents, our teachers, coaches ...
but mostly our friends. I'm here to tell you
that being a friend to someone,
it is the greatest gift we can give him.

I'll tell you a story ...
"I was really surprised.. when he started telling
our first meeting. But I was even more
flabbergasted when told that this famous late
of week, he planned to commit suicide ...
That is why he brought all his books,
so that his mother is not forced
to clean his locker ...

He looked at me and made me smile:
"Thankfully, I was saved. My friend kept me
commit the irreparable. "

I heard the silence caused by his speech
in the room; the speech of a young man
distinguished, handsome man, intelligent and popular ...
I turned around and saw his parents who me
smiled with the same look of gratitude that Kyle
had been to me.

I never realized how
this day was benefactor to him.

Never underestimate the power of your actions.
With a simple small gesture can change lives
a person ... for better or worse.
We all have an impact
in the lives of all the people we meet.

Friends are angels
that put us on our feet
when our wings do not know how to fly.