They Are Deserve To Get Your Sorry

They Are Deserve To Get Your Sorry
How can these two words, love and forgiveness can change your entire life? First, you have to put your trust in something bigger than your belief to yourself. Allah The Mercyful God Al-mighty or whatever religion your belief. Believe that Allah or whatever your belief has a better plan than what you are experiencing now, it will make you more able to accept your sadness.

What is the most important lesson to be learned while we are still alive? The answer is to love and forgive. But how can you feel the love when hatred permeate your heart? Forgive. The words sound so easy, but in fact be the most difficult to forgive someone in your life.

If somebody does something wrong to you or your lover betrayed you, how you can willingly accept it all? Forgive. Forgive them and it will make your heart glad and free.

Here are some ways that you can forgive them. Feel your anger, fell your sadness, feel whatever you need so that your emotions come out, write it all down on a piece of paper and throw it out. Do not let yourself constantly dissolved on your emotions. This is the hardest part, try to convince yourself that these people deserve to get your sorry.

Every time a sense of disappointment comes in your heart, say "I forgive them after what they did to me". Every time you start to feel angry or hurt back, always say that sentence. Maybe at first you do not quite feel the result of that suggestion, but eventually after a suggestion that penetrate into your mind, hatred chain will break and you will be able to forgive easily.

When you are able to forgive, hatred, anger, and betrayal will disappear. All expenses in your heart will disappear and only peace that you feel inside. The best way to break the chain of hatred is to give yourself positive suggestions. Tell them "Whatever you do to me, I forgive you." Continuous positive suggestions you make will deliver you from the chains that shackle hatred.

What would you feel after that? After your suggestion works and you feel hatred chain broke, you will have an incredible feeling of peace. Suddenly you will realize, what you learn during still alive. You will never be the same person, because everything you experience will make you feel affectionate, humble, and thankful to the people around you who is your friend in passing through life's journey. You will feel the LOVE again. And you will be a new one, more personal meaning of your life.

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