The Most Beautyful Gift

The most beautyful gift
Eight kinds of gifts are the most beautiful and priceless gift to the people around you.

ATTENDANCE. The presence of a loved one feels is a priceless gift. Indeed, we can also be present in front of him by mail, phone, photo or chat. But by being beside you and she can share feelings, attention and affection more fully and intensively. Be seeing you as a bearer of happiness.

LISTENING. Few people are able to give this gift. Therefore, most people prefer to listen, rather than listening. By devoting attention to all the words, indirectly we also have foster patience and humility. To be able to hear well, make sure you are in a state really relaxed and can capture what can be delivered intact. Face-to-face. No need to interrupt, criticize, much less judgmental. Let him finish, making it easy to provide the appropriate response after that. Does not have to be a discussion or assessment. Just a greeting will sound sweet to him.

SILENCE. In the silence there is also a strength. Silence can be used to punish, repel or confuse people. But more than anything, silence can also show our love to someone for giving "space". Especially if everyday we are accustomed fond advise, organize, criticize and even ranting.

FREEDOM. Loving someone does not mean to give us full rights to own or regulate the life of the person concerned. Can we claim to love someone if we always curb it? Giving freedom is one of the manifestations of love. Meaning of freedom is not "You're free to do as you wish". Deeper than that, give freedom is to give full trust to be responsible for everything that he decided or done.

BEAUTY. Who would not be happy, if a loved one suddenly appear more handsome or beautiful? Look beautiful and shapely is also a wonderful gift. Besides the beauty of personal appearance, you are able to endow the beauty atmosphere at home. Beautiful vases and fresh flowers in the living room or dining table landscaped, for example.

RESPONSE. Without realizing it, we often give a negative assessment of thoughts, attitudes or actions of the people we care about. As if nothing is true of himself and only at our absolute truth. This time, try your gift positive feedback. State clearly and sincerely. Try to remember, how many times in the past week you thank him for everything he did for the sake of you. Remember also, have you ever praised. Secondly it, thanks and praise (and also an apology) is a beautiful gift that is often forgotten.

RELENT. Not all worthy of being a material issue of contention. Moreover, to be a great contention. When you think about it, it means you are ready to give gifts of "willingness to succumb". Willingness to budge can also fade hurt and invites us to realize that no man is perfect in this world.

SMILE. Believe it or not, the power of a smile is very remarkable. Smile, especially given sincerely, can be liquefying frozen relations, the encourager in despair, lightening somber atmosphere, even sedative restless soul. A smile is also a gesture to open up to the world around us. When was the last time you presented a sweet smile on a loved one in your life ???

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