O Wind Nomad

My best friend

My best friend is the morning dew drops
which falls soaks aridity heart
to be able to fertilize the entire garden bosom
in coolness

My best friend is the star of stars in the night sky highway
which accompany solitude moon mourning
to be able to illuminate the darkness of the universe
in togetherness

My best friend is a shade tree with a thousand branches
sun umbrella of unbearable
to be able to provide shade
in peace

O wind nomad
bring me word about him

My best friend is a set of springs from the sacred lake
clear flowing endlessly
to be able to eliminate hunger for self
in freshness

My best friend is a heavy rain
were watered every inch of dusty earth chronic
to be able to clean up the crown of flowers and foliage
in chastity

My best friend is a string of diamonds
beautiful sparkling as a boon matchless
to be able to spread the charm soul
in beauty

O bird sound ambassador
tell me about the presence