With You I'm Stronger

With Us I'm Stronger

I realized .. here meaning the true sincerity
I found no ... anywhere else!
I understand .. the real meaning of togetherness
Only with you .. not the other!

Here too, there was never a lie, as elsewhere
All walk honestly, without pretending
This is not lip service ... as said politicians
FRIENDS ..... real meaning of honesty

Laughter and jokes sounded off on all Happily
Tears flowed melancholy in every grief
I feel the burden, nothing
While we can share in the love and sad

My friends, God has sent an angel
That resides in your soul
Now you know why? God chose you
Present between laughter and tears

You are the choice of His will
My friends, the time goes on .. it means
Should continue to the next step
This road is very long, there would be strong alone

Weighing life, must be fought
My best friend, with you I'm alive
With you I toughened
Unwavering, despite obstructed storm

Best Friends ..! be sure
Together, we will stand up
Do not carry yourself all loads
Let all be ours

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Hello , nice that you have found me! I am Catherine, as the founder of Smile Tale Motivation Stories blog. I kidnap you into a world full of magical stories, which you will put a smile on the face. Even if you have a beam of light for your soul looking for, you are exactly right!