The fable of the frog

The fable of the frog
Once there was a race of frogs. The aim was to reach to the highest point of a large tower. It gathered many other frogs to watch and cheer on their peers.

The race began. In reality, no one believed by the spectators in mind that even a frog could reach the top of the tower, and all you heard were phrases like "the poor, they will never make it ??!"

The frogs began one by one to give up, except one, who continued to try to climb to the top of the tower.
The audience continued shouting: "The poor! You'll never make it! "?? The frogs admitted defeat, except the one who did not give up.

Finally all the frogs had canceled their plans ?? only that frog had reached the top of the tower alone and with great effort. The others wanted him to know how he had managed it.

They approached him to ask how he managed to win the race. Since they realized that he was deaf.