The echo, The Lion and the Mouse

The echo, The Lion and the Mouse

The echo. A father with his young son go to mountains go. Suddenly, the son fell to the ground and cries out: "Ouch !!", he hears another voice somewhere in the mountains, crying also: "Ouch !!" Curious, he shouts: "Who are you?", And receives the answer: "who are you?" Then he screams into the mountains, "I admire you" the voice answers: "I admire you" Angry shouts the boy: "you rascal!", and receives the reply: "you rascal! "

He sees the Father over and asks, "What is the" Father smiles: "Patience, my boy," And now calls the man: "You're the greatest!" The voice answers: "You're the greatest" The boy is surprised, but still does not understand.

Then the father explains: "People call it echo, but in reality it is the life. It gives you back everything you say or do. Our life is the mirror of our actions. If you wish for more love in the world, then care for more love in your heart. If you want more peace in the world, then do something about it themselves. This is true for everything, for every area of ​​life. Life gives you back everything you have given him. Your life is no accident. It is a reflection of yourself! "

The Lion and the Mouse
A little mouse ran past at a sleeping lion, when he woke up unexpectedly. He caught the mouse with its powerful paws and wanted to eat it. Since the mouse begged: "Please forgive my indiscretion and grant me my life. I will be grateful to you forever for it "

Since the lion was very generous, he gave the mouse her freedom. Smiling, he thought to himself, just as a lion might express their gratitude probably a little mouse. Shortly afterwards came the lion in a case of big game hunters. Caught in a web no one could help the Lions despite great efforts. The lion was lost and gave up his attempts at liberation on. Suddenly appeared the little mouse and began to gnaw the web, so the lion can escape.

Well my brother and sister, sometimes we help others and another time they can help us an be a friend to help each other, give your hand to giving and help and trust me it is a same case like the "echo", life will reply what you give to others. Keep smile :)