Chris Ulmer, A teacher who makes happy his students

Chris Ulmer, A teacher who makes happy his students

Chris Ulmer. A teacher. Many compliments. Happy student. Harassment and malice are for many children in school to everyday life. Add to that the pressure of the teachers, who often take on the sensitivities of the students into consideration. Children suffer from anxiety and lack of confidence, there is really no chance of this cycle break. But there is Chris Ulmer.

Chris Ulmer's special school in the US city of Jacksonville (Florida, USA). He knows the inferiority complex of the children and starts an extraordinary project. He begins in its class to individually call each student to the front and make the child then in front of the whole class compliments. This makes it now a day and used for getting the first 10 minutes of his teaching.

"You're a great student"
"You're very clever, you're very funny, you bring all every day to laugh"
"Thank you for a great student you so"
"You make every day a good job"

Chris Ulmer: "The fact that we show you here that every individual is special, the children doing very well"

Chris Ulmer is convinced that the basis for a good school achievement lies, to feel comfortable in the classroom and in the field. And the result confirms the courageous teacher. Just a few weeks after the beginning of his experiment to improve school performance. Students no longer bully each other, but actually begin to make each other compliments. Through the strengthened confidence prevails in the class a special climate of respect and appreciation.

Chris Ulmer not just talking about love and kindness. It shows the students every day that compliments can work wonders and make the world a warm place.

Chris Ulmer: "Instead of focusing on the shortcomings, I focus on their talents"