A brave girl raises her voice for education

A brave girl raises her voice for education
Malala Yousafzai - Image by; Antonio Olmos
Malala Yousafzai was born on July 12, 1997 and grew up in northwest Pakistan on in the Swat Valley. Even when she came into the world, the people regretted their mother because she had given birth to only girls and not an inferior higher estimated boys. But Malala had open-minded parents and was treated just like their brothers. When the Taliban terrorist group gained more and more influence in Pakistan, the situation was very dangerous. There were bloody clashes constantly with the military, the family was forced to temporarily leave their homes and flee even. The Taliban threatened people with guns and oppressed women in particular with brute force. On top, they destroyed hundreds of schools, because they did not want girls learned something. Malala but did not want to be discouraged by this.

Malala: "We girls should stay at home, cook, clean and serve the men. I was ten years old, and I knew that I had to do something "

Malala hid their books under their clothing and went to school continues to be constantly with the fear of being discovered and flogged. One day a British reporter on the idea of ​​a student affected by the catastrophic school conditions to be reported locally. At the age of 11 years Malala was selected to write in a online diary and a private code name on the terror of the Taliban. She criticized the fact the Taliban for their acts of violence and called for every girl the right to free education. Although it was very risky for Malala, the online diary became the Internet quickly great notoriety. Malala just wanted the people of the many injustices experienced in their home country. One day her pseudonym, however, was uncovered and the Taliban knew now who was Malala.

Malala: "Our lives were in danger. I saw two possibilities: Either I stay still or I say my opinion and risking to die for it. I chose the second option "

On 09 October 2012, Malala was with about 20 girls and 3 teachers in a minibus on the way from school to home. Suddenly, the school bus was stopped and a man rushed into the bus. He asked for Malala, and when shooting a few girls in her direction, something terrible happened. The man took out a gun and shot Malala in cold blood in the face. The Taliban showed no mercy and granted every opponent out of the way, even if it is still a question of a student like Malala.

Malala: "I was just 15, almost a child. I saw how the blood rushed out of me and formed puddles. Then I fainted "

Malala was taken to a hospital, where she was an emergency operation immediately. Since her injuries were so heavy but she had to be flown to Britain, where she was being treated in a specialist clinic. Malala had to go through many operations, but miraculously she survived this dastardly assassination. Although they received a titanium plate for her broken cranium and in one ear she was now deaf, but otherwise their recovery step progressing very well and the most important thing was that she was still alive.

Malala: "After the assassination, I received letters from around the world"

The international consternation of this story had not yet died down when Malala met an incredible decision. Although she almost died, she wanted to continue to take responsibility and be used for public peace and education. It was founded a "Malala Fund", which campaigned for education and the rights of children worldwide. On her 16th birthday Malala spoke in New York prior to the Youth Assembly of the United Nations. She met many important people to put forward their concerns and was already a guest at the White House with the US President Barack Obama.

Malala: "I want people to know what is happening in Pakistan. It's not just my story, I stand for many, many others "

For their freedom of expression Malala received further death threats from the Taliban. But she let it not be intimidated and continued to fight against serious human rights violations. For their fearlessness and their extraordinary courage she became the youngest person ever to world-famous Nobel Peace Prize. Malala believed that a voice could always change the world. And she made it actually.

Malala: "Do not wait that someone else helps, it might take too long. Tu even slightly. One child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world "