Ines Kiefer: "I really feel like to build my self-confidence back"

Ines Kiefer: "I really feel like to build my self-confidence back"
At the age of 19 years Ines Kiefer enjoyed life to the fullest. She loved to dance or to take long walks with the dog. Also it might be able to one day work as a model dreamed. One day it was discovered by chance during a visit to the doctor between her ribs, a greenhouse, and it was decided to remove it surgically. It was a relatively harmless operation which had to perform at the young woman doctors. As the doctors Ines Kiefer administered the anesthesia, they were still full of confidence.

However, the surgery did not go according to plan. After an MRI scan, the doctors also determined internal bleeding. There now began a race against time, because you had to stop the bleeding immediately, or Ines Kiefer would die. In an emergency operation made it the doctors to save the lives of the young woman. As Ines Kiefer awoke from anesthesia, she noticed, however, that they could no longer feel her legs. The doctors had to tell her that the blood had pressed on the spinal cord and they would now remain paraplegic forever. On the question of how such a thing could happen, there was no response from the hospital enlightening. For Ines Kiefer this would change nothing, because they now had to cope with this heavy blow somehow.

In the Rehabilitation Clinic Ines Kiefer realized that there were other patients who were much worse affected by paralysis when she. From now on, they decided to fight and do not let it get out of their disability. She appropriated themselves to take the wheelchair and to master narrow passages. Ines Kiefer also had to learn to deal with difficult situations, because now she was often dependent on the help of other people. If no elevators or ramps were present, they had no chance to get into a building, as it was not built barrier-free. Also delivered were parked Disabled Parking everyday, although she needed this urgently parking. But Ines Kiefer fought on and got to know the changes in their lives to accept, even if everything was not easy to implement.

Ines Kiefer: "With the right attitude, many challenges make especially great joy"

Ines Kiefer conquered with their positive thinking bit by bit of her former life back. They raised a family, had two children and began working in an office job. Despite the wheelchair she brought as a working mother's family life well under control and sat always new goals. One day, she accidentally discovered an ad on the Internet, where women in wheelchairs were looking for a model competition. Ines Kiefer thought of her former dream back, even to work as a model and applied spontaneously for this event.

Ines Kiefer: "I really feel like to build my self-confidence back"

Ines Kiefer won surprisingly among more than 200 candidates a photo shoot for a large cosmetics company. She was very happy to receive this award, and began to pursue the modeling as a new hobby. The model contracts fulfilled Ines Kiefer with pride and they were a perfect break from their daily lives. While it would probably never committed without their disability as a real model, you have now succeeded in using the wheelchair the big breakthrough.

Ines Kiefer managed to cope with her sudden blow successfully. She let herself never be beaten, despite their disability and constantly sought new challenges. Due to her wheelchair remained Although denied some ways at the same time opened their doors but others. With their remarkable joie de vivre they knew how to seize these new opportunities and realize their dreams and goals into reality. Ines Kiefer was thus a role model for many disabled people across the globe.

Ines Kiefer "wheelchairs are people with normal needs and desires. And so we would like to be treated "