Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Molly Gold and Daisy Sutherland Support DeadBeat Mom Shellie Ross

**of note, I posted the court report of the child support due one of Shellie's kids that she abandoned when he was 6 - never to bother speaking with or reaching out to since she left him. You can find that at the top where it says Child Support Papers.**

What I find so ironic is that these women call themselves "Moms" - because to me, a mother is a woman who takes care of her children.
If Shellie was a man who abandoned his wife and 6 year old child (Shellie actually abandoned 2 of her children) then went on to have MORE children, while not bothering to pay support for his children (I am only in contact with one of her baby daddies, I can't speak to the money she owes the other baby daddy)  (click her to see her court papers) and then pays CASH for a half million dollar home (click here to see record) yet, still refuses to pay the support  owed to the mother who raised his child alone - Do you think these blogger moms would give that deadbeat dad a pass?
No. Way.
Yet these "mothers" instead of calling Shellie out, instead of sending her a message to TAKE CARE OF HER CHILDREN, they pretend Shellie is a victim - they rush to her defense. Are these mothers THAT STUPID? They shouldn't be called mothers - they should be called breeders.
At least Jessica Gottlieb came to her senses when she discovered the truth about Shellie Ross.
Here is a brief list of "Mommy Bloggers" that feel Shellie has done no wrong
Molly Gold  - Twitter - @mygomom
Daisy Sutherland @DrMommy
Amy Lupold Bair @resourcefulmom

These breeders are all sending the message - hey, it's okay to abandon your kid! It's okay to pretend he doesn't exist - it's ok to buy a half  million dollar home and  not pay your 50,000 back child support!
It makes me want to vomit that Shellie continues to tweet and blog as if she is the best mom in the world.
Will NOTHING shame this woman in to being responsible and paying the money she owes to her son(s)???

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Anonymous said...

Amen! These women only know the cyber persona presented to them. They have no idea what kind of monster Ms. Schnell-Ross is...a monster who is mean spirited and just plain mean to her children, animals, and neighbors. Do the world a favor ladies, talk Shellie into being responsible and paying her child support, into being a decent human being. She's no victim.