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Shellie Ross Continues To Twitter After Death Of Son

UPDATE: 12/11/2010 Shellie Ross earns the very first Parent Moron License. The media spun the story as "Poor Shellie Ross Tweets to ask for prayers for son who has drowned." - The real story here is - Shellie Ross tweeted 74 times during the day, the last 5 tweets occurred just before 911 was called by her 11 year old son. She tweeted @ 5:17, 5:18, 5:19, 5:21 and 5:22. 911 was called at 5:23. THAT is the question we should be asking - not the media spin of  "Should a mother tweet to ask for prayers for her child" - but "Would a child still be alive if a mother had been watching her child instead of Tweeting."
A year later, and Shellie Ross is still tweeting furiously as ever, 22,296 tweets as of 12/11/10-  tweeting about every social media event she attended (including a Disney event in March, barely 3 months after Bryson's death), and media events she's planning on attending (and then say people are stalking her because they know where she is going) she tweets about her beloved Bryson for attention, and being  pregnant (again) You'd think she'd try to educate people about pool safety, become an advocate, make sure Bryson didn't die in vain, and perhaps save another child from suffering the same fate. YOU'd think she'd stop obsessively twittering, But no, there is no mention of pool safety, just blogs about chickens, and Harry Potter, and oh, a great blog calling someone a slut because some chick talked to her husband while Shellie wasn't present. The only thing she's passionate about is cyber bullying - ie: me, or anyone who dares question if perhaps it wasn't irresponsible to allow your 2 year old to roam while you're twittering. Every single person who refuses to acknowledge that a 2 year old would still be alive today if a mother was paying attention to him instead of Twittering, needs to ask themselves if they'd allow a babysitter to constantly Twitter while watching their child. And if the answer is yes, I guess we better up the production of Moron Licensees.
End of update 12/11/10

ABC News reports that Shellie Ross was tweeting about the fog rolling in and her chickens going back to the coop while 911 was called by her middle son @ 5:23 to report that his 2 year old brother was floating in the pool. Ambulance arrives at 5:38 to find child in cardiac arrest. At 6:12 pm Shellie tweeted and asked for prayers for her son. She had been tweeting from 8:37 in the morning, right on thru while her son fell into the pool, and continued to tweet even after his death - which I find ironic because maybe if she wasn't tweeting, her son might still be alive.

Shellie Ross's tweets on 12/14 during the hour her son died leading up to her Byrson Ross's death are as follows:

Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool
6:12 PM Dec 14th from Echofon (she removed this from her Twitter stream on 12/16)

(5:38 Ambulance arrives to find child in cardiac arrest)

(at 5:23, ABC news Reports 911 was called by 11 year old son to report 2 year old son floating in pool)

Fog is rolling in thick scared the birds back in the coop
5:22 PM Dec 14th from Echofon (removed from Twitter Stream on 12/15)

@themorrisbunch yep almost 30 total these are my oldest ones 4 roos the rest girls
5:21 PM Dec 14th from Echofon in reply to themorrisbunch

Now they are all coming out to see what I am doing
5:19 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

One of our roosters looking out at me tonight
5:18 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

My dogs caught and flipped a tourtoise on it's back, seems to be fine though
5:17 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

Between the hours of 8:37 a.m. and 5:22 p.m (her first and last before son was found drowned in pool) she tweeted 74 times.

If a babysitter had been tweeting all day long while in charge of a 2 year old and he drowned while she was tweeting, I doubt that the parents would say, "It's okay, the babysitter feels guilty - we'll let it go."

After this tragedy, Shellie Ross has spoken and continued to Tweet, calling people assholes, hoping they rot in hell...but not once has she said, "I take full responsibility and I wish I could take that day back. I feel horrible and am so, so, sorry."

But then again, even if she did say that, I guess actions speak louder than words. And her actions leading up to and after her son's death speak volumes. She was twittering while her child died and she continues to Twitter, telling people to "Go Get Bent" and "Fuc* Tards."

If your child died because you were twittering, wouldn't that be the LAST place on earth you'd want to return to? If this was such a terrible time and you wanted people to 'leave you alone' why wouldn't you at least make your Twitter stream private?
I have no doubt it's only days before Ms. Ross appears for interviews and of course, people are already setting up donations.

Why aren't people asking more questions about this? Do people not care about children and their safety at all? Who is looking out for children?

If I were her husband, I'd rip her computer and iPhone right from her hands and toss it out the window.

No lessons have been learned by Shellie Ross. Nor society that continues to defend her instead of holding her accountable.

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